Time to get back on this horse

It feels like a long time since I’ve done any proper riding.  I had started to throw down some good k’s and regular riding both on and off road then BAM!  Shoulder busted in a nasty way and no riding for 7 months.

1509708_10152334075996132_4824874410148122841_nBroken in two places, it took 6 screws and a titanium plate to hold it together.  Given one of the fractures was so close to the end of the bone the surgeon really didn’t want me riding until it had fully healed.

This was almost two years ago now.  I had managed to get my weight back under control prior to the accident and down to an acceptable level.  I was sleeping better, felt better, had more energy, and could put more of myself into family and work.

Fast forward to now and you find me 10kg heavier, unfit, stressed, and lacking energy and drive.  I’ve ridden my mountain bike twice this year, and haven’t touched my road bike since May last year.  I’ve gone from riding 150km+ per week to nothing.

Time to do something about this!

I pulled the road bike out of the rack today, and apart from flat tires, some spider webs, and a little bit of dust it seems to be in perfect working order.  It will take a while to get conditioned to lots of riding again, i’m two years older after all, but you have to (re)start somewhere.

IMG_3986I don’t have a fixed goal at this point, but last year I participated in a ride known as the Ballarat Autumn Day Ride with some friends.  Thats probably as good of a target to aim for at this point.  Being able to knock out 100km-ish relatively easily, and being able to handle the climbs will be enough of a starting point.  This gives me 77 days to put in some effort and get the legs ready.  Lets see how the old roadie with an older bloke on top goes.

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