Babies Update

Well…It seems I need to add more babies to the list! I found out today John and Chantelle are due about the same time we are, or just a few days before. And I completely forgot about Dave and Suze who are due around about now! I also forgot about Wes and Pauline who are having their second next week in not so desirable circumstances. Lets hope everything turns out well for them and little Madeline (our flower girl) gets a healthy baby brother or sister.
Mel and I went to visit the Mercy Family Birth Centre on Monday night and have booked in. The FBC is run by midwives and promotes active and natural birthing. If you need any serious drugs or have complications you get transfered out the back door into the regular birthing suites where more appropriate care can be given. We like the idea of the natural birth, so lets hope everything goes to plan without any complications.
Thats the latest on the babies front, I wonder how many more will suddenly appear on the radar in the coming weeks?

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  1. It’s contageous – yes Bruce and I are joining in on the “fun” of creating one of own. We’re due in December and like Chris and Melly are booking in at the Mercy FBU. Unable to wait until it pops out we already know it’s a girl.

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