Babies everywhere…

Its starting to seem like there is a baby boom happening amongst our friends. Kris and Michel gave the world Jasper a bit over a week ago, and he’s doing really well, as you can see from the picture.

Mel decides to remind me tonight that Lloyd and Vanessa are due in 13 weeks…We’ll have to make the effort to get over the bridge and visit them before Nessy pops.

I decided to visit a few of our friends web sites to see what was going on in their lives and much to our surprise we discovered that Andy and Steph are expecting…they are a little over 14 weeks along (visit the link to see the scan of “Jaws”)

So…just to add to the boom…Mel and I had our almost 12 week visit to the hospital and can now tell the world that we too are adding to the worlds population sometime in early Feburary 🙂

Mel has been really suffering for the last 5 or so weeks. Morning sickness (or mourning sickness) which is lasting the whole day. Shes tried every conceivable remedy but chocolate seems to be the only thing that helps. Shes also really low on energy which has made our preparations for Septembers dance-o-rama difficult, but we are getting there.

So, theres the news for today. I will post more information as soon as I can.

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  1. Cody is going to have a cousin…. how exciting!!! Congratulations to both of you, and Mel, it does get better 🙂 Chris, for you it gets a little worse, in a couple of months Mel will throw you out of the bed — don’t take it personally, but a pregnant woman needs as much room as possible to try and sleep comfortably! Mel — make the most of the cravings, and make sure Chris gets you EVERYTHING you need, whenever you need it.

  2. Well, from a fellow father-to-be, congrats. Excellent to hear. Bummer Mel has had it rough, Steph has been quite good so far (touch wood). We’re now sitting at about 18 weeks I think (that was an old post) – our EDD is 30 Dec. Anyway, catch up soon, cheers, Andy.

  3. Hey hey! It’s John from the western side of Australia… Looks like most of us are joining the baby club. Chantelle & I are expecting our bubby at the start of Feb as well!!! So well done to Chris & Mel, and Andy and Steph… Chantz & I will be back in Melbourne ASAP (March/April 2006) so the little one can meet the other side of the family, and join the newly arrived play group when we all catch up! YAY for us all!!!

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