What a weekend

Stinkas and I were looking forward to this weekend. A friday dress up party at the dance studio, nothing but a dance lesson for Saturday and for Mel a baby shower on Sunday while I took the expectant father to a building show to look at “big boys toys”. Isn’t it amazing how quickly a slack weekend can become filled.

It started Saturday afternoon as we left the dance studio. We decided to walk some of Melbournes back alleys on the way back to our car and we stumbled onto a beer prayer in the window of a German restaurant. Had to stop a take a photo of that (I will share the prayer later), then continued on through the alleys.

Pop out onto a main road and what should we find but Dave the designers car parked on the road. A quick call, stick some money in the meter and head down to meet up with Dave and Simon who was competing in a street art comp, the results of which you can see to the left.

simon_1Well…Poor Simon was not having a good time of it. Most of his artwork is done onto canvas whereas this comp had him painting onto melamine, which is nice and shiny and caused all his paints to run. A most frustrating turn of events, but the final product, although not his best work, did come out ok. We’ll hopefully get the results of the comp in the next week or so and can let you know how he went.

While all the painting was going on Stinkas, Dave and I went to Max Brenner for hot chocolate which was divine. I have to say it was the nicest hot choccy I have had, but the brownie I got at the same time was awful, which was a shame.

tinkas_beersAfter that it was off to put more money into the meter, then stop for a beer at the Three Degrees Brewery. Given we only had an hour, and still had to drive home, we decided on the sampler which gives us a try of all the beers they have on tap. And, as promised, here is the beer prayer:

Our Lager which art in Barrells
hallowed be thy foam
Thy will be drunk
At home as it is in Taverns
Give us this day our frothy head
And forgive us our spillages
As we forgive those who spill against us
Lead us not into incarceration
But deliver us from hangover
for thine is the Beer
The Bitter and the Lager
for ever and ever

After the drinks, back to check on Simons progress, then home for tea. Had a few more drinks then Dave visits, guitar in hand, for a bit of a play and more boozing. So by the end of Saturday, it had turned from a do nothing day to non-stop fun…making Sunday a whole lot harder to get through.

Hope your weekend was a fun filled as ours turned out 🙂

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