Cody Turns One

cody1_1Well…I know this is a bit late but our nephew Cody has finally turned one! It all happened back in April, but I never had any special photos to put up so I didn’t do anything about it until now.

As usual, Di took Cody to Sears for some snapshots and they stick them up on the web for everybody to look at and purchase (I hope they don’t mind my stealing these couple of thumbnails to show). If anybody is interested, you can see the whole series and purchase prints, coffee mugs and a whole pile of other funky Cody memorabilia from here.

I actually find it hard to believe he is only one. The fact that most of our family has only met the little guy on one occasion probably makes the time seem longer…as well as all the other things that have gone on in our lives since he was born.

But anyway, happy belated birthday Cody…Stinkas and I hope you gots lots of cool pressies.

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