Hi Tayla

Tayla decided come along on the 26th of July to some dancing friends Marc and Tamara. She weighed in at 3.335kg and thanks to the wonders of mms/sms we even have a photo.

Hooray for Ross & Michelle

A big congratulations to Ross & Michelle who have brought Logan into the world. Logan came out with all the proper bits in a nice and quick 4 1/2 hour labour, and apart from all the usual baby stuff Mom, Dad and Baby all seem to be doing fine. If your reading this read more »

Welcome to the world Eliza

Linda and Bruce delivered their little bundle of joy, Eliza Jayne on November 29 after what could be described (from what we have been told) as a heroic effort on Linda's behalf. After all the problems that they had encountered it was great that Eliza came along in the normal everyday fashion weighing in at read more »

They are just popping out everywhere

More congratulations to go out to Dave and Suzi who have just had their bub. Don't have any details yet, but his messenger picture and alias of "The proud daddy!!!" kind of give it away. Don't have any details yet but i'll post em as soon as i know.

update: added Daves messenger picture.

update: read more »

It’s another boy

This must be the season for boys to be born. Pauline and Wes have recently given the world Liam. Big cheers for them. Liam was born a healthy weight even though he was prem and suffering from kidney problems. Lets hope that gets all fixed up and he can come home read more »

Babies Update

Well...It seems I need to add more babies to the list! I found out today John and Chantelle are due about the same time we are, or just a few days before. And I completely forgot about Dave and Suze who are due around about now! I also forgot about Wes and Pauline read more »

New Baby

On Wednesday July 20 at 11:58am (EST) our good friends Kris and Michel were blessed with the birth of a healthy baby boy - Jasper Daniel Kowalski (no relation to the swimmer).

He was 3.1kg (or 6lb 14oz for you oldies and those unfortunate enough to live in a country which hasn't adopted the metric system) read more »

What a weekend

Stinkas and I were looking forward to this weekend. A friday dress up party at the dance studio, nothing but a dance lesson for Saturday and for Mel a baby shower on Sunday while I took the expectant father to a building show to look at "big boys toys". Isn't it amazing how quickly a read more »

Effie turns 20 again…

A couple of weekends ago (see...i'm getting better) our friend Effie turned 20 again. She had a bit of a bash at the local primary school hall and a huge crowd turned out to celebrate. Her husband Peter and his band Classic Covers played and I have to say they were awsesome. Lots of dancing, drinking read more »