Mini Steer North

Amy is running a Mini Steer North ride to raise money to sponsor a day in the genuine Steer North charity ride.  If you would like to join in, please download an Entry Form and send it back ASAP.

Yet another baby

But at least this ones in the family. Aunty 'Manda and Uncle Damian have given us Henry. Until we get some pictures this little one of Amy will have to suffice.

Everybody meet Amy Joy

On Tuesday February 7 at 6:45am, Amy Joy finally joined us after 9 months of waiting.

The vital stats are:

Weight - 3.18kg (7lb at a bit for those on the old scale) Height - 50cm Head Circumference - 34cm Mum was very happy with a nice 5 hour labour and NO DRUGS! By the time we got to the read more »

Testing the new gear

Over the Melbourne Cup long weekend (a four day weekend for some of us), we went up to our usual camp spot at big river, but this time with a whole pile of new gear!

Mel and I decided a while ago to get a new tent. Not just any old tent, the biggest one we read more »

Babies everywhere…

Its starting to seem like there is a baby boom happening amongst our friends. Kris and Michel gave the world Jasper a bit over a week ago, and he's doing really well, as you can see from the picture.

Mel decides to remind me tonight that Lloyd and Vanessa are due in 13 weeks...We'll have to read more »

More wedding photos

We have started to put more pictures of our wedding up today. These pictures have been taken by our attendants and guests and put a sligtly different slant on the day. Its actually quite interesting to see what different people think is worthy of photographing.

At the moment we have just uploaded all of the pictures. read more »

Cody gets a hair cut

Over the weekend Cody went for his first hair cut! Di and Jason took him to a kids haricutting place, and apparently he didn't want to leave. From what Di tells us there is a TV in front of every chair which he coudln't stop watching - Sesame St. was on! According to the email read more »

What a weekend

Stinkas and I were looking forward to this weekend. A friday dress up party at the dance studio, nothing but a dance lesson for Saturday and for Mel a baby shower on Sunday while I took the expectant father to a building show to look at "big boys toys". Isn't it amazing how quickly a read more »

Wedding Pics

It has only taken two months and four days, but I have now got some wedding photos up for your viewing pleasure. Just visit the photo gallery to have a look. I have received about six cd's of photos from guests so far, and apparently there are still a few more to come. Mel & I read more »

Cody Turns One

Well...I know this is a bit late but our nephew Cody has finally turned one! It all happened back in April, but I never had any special photos to put up so I didn't do anything about it until now.

As usual, Di took Cody to Sears for some snapshots and they stick them up read more »