Old SiteThis site was launched in 2004 as way of sharing photos of our families who are scattered throughout the world. Around this time “blogs” and content management systems started to become popular and the site changed from a static site to a mambo powered site.
Over time the mambo project forked and I followed the path of the opensource Joomla! project.
Although both of these systems are awesome content management systems, I found them overly complex for my requirements and decided to try some blog engines. At the time I was setting up MovableType blogs for people and decided to see if I could wrangle mt into something resembling a regular website. After much success, MovableType also forked and some of the plugins I relied on to create my site became commercial and I had already made a decision to go completely opensource for this site.
Iteration five followed the same style but shifted to wordpress and that is where I am staying for the time being. WordPress is a very simple to use blog engine, and as it runs completely in php it is also very easy for me to wrangle into the kind of system I need it to be.
As the site has changed, so has the hardware it runs on. Originally the site was named “under the stairs and tinkas & stinkas” simply because the web server was literally under the stairs. The current server is a p4 machine rescued from hard rubbish, sitting on a shelf in a rack rescued from a trip to the landfill. All the server infrastructure is second hand, mostly rescued hardware from various sources (it’s amazing what wealthier suburbs put out to hard rubbish) and most likely will continue that way.
So here it is, if you have any questions feel free to ask them. I may take a while to reply as work often takes me into parts of the country where telecommunications authorities fear to tread.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Chris, Mel & the family.

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