Mini Steer North

Amy is running a Mini Steer North ride to raise money to sponsor a day in the genuine Steer North charity ride.  If you would like to join in, please download an Entry Form and send it back ASAP.

Time to get back on this horse

It feels like a long time since I've done any proper riding.  I had started to throw down some good k's and regular riding both on and off road then BAM!  Shoulder busted in a nasty way and no riding for 7 months.

Broken in two places, it took 6 screws and a titanium plate to hold read more »

And the netball season begins

The little one played her first game of netball today after many months of training.  A loss (5-1), but the crowed erupted when they scored that solitary goal.

Happy 10th Birthday Big Girl

Today marks the 10th birthday of our big girl.  Happy Birthday Amy.

I really should restart this

It has been many years between posts, and I think it is now time to revive this little story of my life.

To start with, it's time to get all the different social media integration right.  First stop - Blogger.

Eloise the Photographer

Recently in Christchurch I was invited to dinner with Dans family, and his little niece Eloïse decided she would be the event photographer. Here are the photos she took. The whole lot are a zip file here.
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Amys 4th Birthday

Photos from Amys Jungle Party at the Melbourne Zoo.
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Rebuilding the site…Again!

Yep, it's happening again! I'm actually getting off my behind and rebuilding the site, after a couple of years of being ignored. This will take a while, but I'm trying to restore as much of the original content at the same time I am finalising the new design. You'll know when this read more »

Emily’s Birthday

Here are some photos from Emilys 1st birthday.
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Hi Tayla

Tayla decided come along on the 26th of July to some dancing friends Marc and Tamara. She weighed in at 3.335kg and thanks to the wonders of mms/sms we even have a photo.